For June in Cary

At: Rally Point Sport Grill

Date 1 - Monday, June 8

Date 2 - Monday, June 15

Date 3 - Monday, June 22

Date 4 - Monday, June 29

Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Meeting Location:

Rally Point Sports Grill

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Overview of Map of Life:

The Map of Life series is intended for a Catholic man who:

  • May or may not be active in the Faith
  • May or may not attend Mass regularly
  • Might check the box "Catholic" on a census form when asked to identify his religion, but doesn't actively practice the Catholic Faith.

At the same time, he is eager for deeper meaning, purpose and fulfillment in his life.

Does this describe you? If so, then Map of Life is just right for you.

Does this describe you even if you aren't Catholic? Then Map of Life may be just right for you too.

Does this describe one of your friends or family members? If so, invite them to attend with you (download flyer).

The purpose of Map of Life is to help you find what you are seeking - through an exciting process of directed self-discovery.

Map of Life tackles eight BIG questions that most men face at one time or another in their lives

Ultimately, Map of Life hopes to help a man in his efforts to achieve the fulfillment, joy and happiness that every man wants!

The Means:

Through a series of four weekly installments, the means that Map of Life employs to accomplish these goals include:

  • Open discussion - Map of Life is not a lecture series. It's a directed discussion series of self-discovery that will facilitate and encourage open discussion and exchange among the participants.
  • Direction - Map of Life assists each man's self-discovery process by discussing and juxtaposing the answers to each of the great questions of our time provided by:
  1. The culture - what answer does contemporary culture provide?
  2. You - what do you say? How does what you believe shape your life?
  3. The Church - What does the Church teach as the answer to the question?
  • Personal testimonials - Shared by men whose lives have been dramatically changed and enriched by their discovery of the answers to these great questions.
  • Multimedia - Each installment will include short videos thematically linked to the questions addressed during the evening.
  • Fellowship - Map of Life is conducted in an informal and relaxed environment intended to facilitate new friendships. There are very few opportunities for men to meet and discuss these great questions in an open, warm and informal environment. Beverages and snacks will be provided.
See the weekly agenda for Map of Life

Email to register to attend or call 919-656-8363

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